As one of the leading sourcing platforms for sustainable and responsible fabrics, apparel and trims, ReSOURCE showcases the latest materials, designs and qualities each season all in one place. Source sustainable online or live at the ReSOURCE area at the International Fabric Trade Show, Munich Fabric Start.

ReSOURCE provides a solution to the rising demand for conscious and ethical fashion. First established in 2009 as a dedicated sustainability area at MUNICH FABRIC START it has since grown and developed into an online sourcing platform, embracing a new dimension of sustainability for innovative and future-oriented production. Showcasing a wide range of textile solutions from natural and organics to recycled fibers and innovative material solutions.


Let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions on how to use the ReSOURCE platform to the fullest.


What is ReSOURCE?

ReSOURCE is the sourcing platform for sustainable and responsibly produced fabrics, apparel and trims for fashion and textile professionals. Buyers, brands and designers use ReSOURCE to find suppliers, manufacturers, materials and certification partners suited to their specific needs.

Our goal is to lead and support sustainable textile production and transform the future of fashion!

Is ReSOURCE also a supplier?

No, ReSOURCE is a B2B sourcing platform which connects brands with manufacturers and suppliers. ReSOURCE is initiated by the trade show organisers Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH which offer two shows annually for Spring.Summer and Autumn.Winter seasons.

Why should I use ReSOURCE?

If you are a buyer, brand or designer who is looking for a reliable and trusted supplier of sustainable textiles, you have come to the right place! Use ReSOURCE as a tool in your repertoire for sourcing materials and discover more than 900 articles online. Browse the latest materials, designs and qualities to remotely assist you in creating your collections.

For Buyers, Brands & Designers

How do I get in touch?

For any further assistance or questions, please send us an email to
We are happy to help you!

How do I request a quote?

The first step is to use the materials search and filters to select the right material that meets your needs. Click the option to ‘MAKE A REQUEST’, from there you should personalise an email template with information about your project such as pictures, quantity etc. and click to send this request. The manufacturers will access your request and get back to you with the quotation details.

Do I need an account?

In short, no you do not need an account and can start browsing ReSOURCE straight away! As all contact information for the product and its supplier are already provided you are responsible for contacting the supplier and carrying out any requests.

However, as we are continuously working to improve our ReSOURCE platform, we may introduce personal accounts in the future in order to improve the usability of the ReSOURCE platform.

What are my responsibilities as a brand?

Brands and designers are responsible for choosing a specific manufacturer and for this reason we recommend doing your research to make sure they are the right fit for you. For example, where possible:

  • Visit a clothing manufacturer or supplier before booking an order.
  • Check references of clothing manufacturers and suppliers before you start to work together.
  • Ask if they have experience with your product(s) or similar type of brands.
  • Confirm all terms of contract, make sure all costs and responsibilities are clearly set out.

How do I know which manufacturer is the right one for me?

It is important to read the suppliers profile to decide which ones best suit your needs. As we are also the organisers of the international trade show MUNICH FABRIC START, the exhibitors who showcase with ReSOURCE have gone through professional checks and are therefore trusted partners. However, we would always recommend checking their professional references and consult their work through further external tools such as websites, social media and brochures.

How do I use ReSOURCE?

ReSOURCE is a free online platform and area at the international trade show MUNICH FABRIC START for sourcing sustainable materials. We recommend first visiting our Materials page to filter and find the materials you are looking for. Supplier contact information can be found there. Please read carefully the product and company descriptions to find out if it’s a good match for you. At which point you can provide to ‘MAKE A REQUEST’ and directly contact the supplier with your request.

For Suppliers, Manufacturers & Service Providers

How do I showcase with ReSOURCE?

Our partnerships are forged at the MUNICH FABRIC START trade show, which means that typically the suppliers who are listed on ReSOURCE can also be found as exhibitors at the shows. If you are interested in showcasing your sustainable materials at ReSOURCE, please send an email to:

How to stand out as a supplier?

Please ensure you can provide full and complete product information as well as a supplier profile. We also recommend adding multiple articles and materials to your showcase with ReSOURCE to widen your products appeal. If you have a diverse product range, we recommend showcasing articles and materials which represent more product categories to appear in more filtered searches.

How do I get in touch?

For any further assistance or questions, please send us an email to
We are happy to help you!


ReSOURCE is supported by the expertise and knowledge of leading global certification bodies as well as international suppliers and manufacturers. Discover certified products, suppliers and materials which meet advanced standards for sustainability, responsibility and the protection of our planet. Learn about the innovative production methods, fibers and materials used by our suppliers and find the perfect match for your brand!