SLM #5


Zertifizierung: GOTS Artikel Typ: Fabrics Zusammensetzung: Metall 20%, Peace Silk 30% Material: kbA Baumwolle, Metall, Peace Silk Kategorien: GOTS, organic/natural Verwendung: Baumwollstoffe, Seidenstoffe Gewicht: 80 g/m2 Bestellmenge: 100 m Artikelnr: SLM #5 SE/LI metall, ecru

Cocccon UG

Cocccon crafts & loom is world’s largest producer of sustainable luxury textile. Their GOTS certified cruelty-free organic silk has added glamour into sustainable fashion. At Keyhouse a wide range of handloom, power loom and Knitted organic silk will be displayed. Visitors can experience beautiful peace-organic silk satin, twill, crepe, tweed, single jersey, jacquards etc. Display of silk blends with organic cotton, linen and lyocell will make visitors excited about developments in sustainable luxury. This company has also been awarded German federal ecodesign awards in the year 2018.

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Cocccon UG
Bachstr. 54
DE - 58089 Hagen

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