5502006/4-Lochknopf, 430/Y-10171

recycled, polluition-free; PVC free

Zertifizierung: GRS, RCS 100, RCS blended Artikel Typ: Additionals Zusammensetzung: rec Horn 50%, Urea 30%, Färbestoffe 20% Material: rec Horn, Urea, Färbestoffe Kategorien: Pollution free, Recycled Verwendung: Accessoires, Knöpfe & Verschlüsse Gewicht: - g/m2 Bestellmenge: 1000 m Artikelnr: 5502006/4-Lochknopf, 430/Y-10171

Peter Büdel GmbH

Since 1997 we have been involved in the development, design & manufacture of fashion trims for the clothing and sportswear industry. As a supplier to leading brands, we rely on digital connectivity to our customers in our global production & logistics network. Digital colour management, 3D product development, efficient digital processes all along the supply chain stand for a high degree of digitalisation at PB & have recently been completed by a digital product distribution tool, including online collection presentation. With PB accessories ltd. in HK & our production facilities in Italy & China we connect the entire value chain digitally.

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Peter Büdel GmbH
Im Gewerbegebiet 13
DE - 63846 Laufach

Telefon: +49 609397270 Fax: +49 6093972797 E-Mail: info@pb-acc.de Website: www.pb-acc.de