organic/natural; ordering width: 170 // NOS

Zertifizierung: GOTS Artikel Typ: Fabrics Zusammensetzung: kbA CO 100% Material: kbA CO Kategorien: GOTS Verwendung: Gewicht: 164 g/m2 Bestellmenge: 100 m Artikelnr: JER.027.0070 red VM9086

Carvema Têxtil

The Bloomati brand was established in 2017 through an internationalization project by Carvema Textil, Lda. The brand was created to address an inherent need to differentiate our services by developing completely innovative and sustainable finishes. Bloomati aims to provide the international market with a diversification of new finishes, studied and developed to the utmost detail in order to achieve a high-quality standard.

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