Miro rec.

recycled; NOS

Zertifizierung: GRS Artikel Typ: Fabrics Zusammensetzung: Elastan/Spandex 3%, Polyester 52%, rec Polyester 45% Material: Elastan/Spandex, Polyester, rec Polyester Kategorien: Recycled Verwendung: Polyesterstoffe, recycelte Textilien Gewicht: 180/m2 g/m2 Bestellmenge: 1000 m Artikelnr: Miro rec., khaki

Segovin Tekstil

Since the foundation of Segovin Textile Company, our main purpose is to manufacture dyed and printed fabrics and export them. We have a wide range of customers including Inditex, Topshop, Lpp, Tally Weijl, Kokai, Next, H&M, Koton and LCW. Our company has already received Okoetex, GRS and Lenzing certificates. We supply our imported yarn and send them to the sub-contract manufacturers in Turkey. Headquarter of Segovin is in Istanbul. In Adana, there are office and storage in order to manufacture poly/viscose fabrics. There are also office and storage in Bursa as well to follow our printing and dyeing biz.

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Segovin Tekstil
Cumhuriyet Mah Izzepasa SK.
TR - 34380 Istanbul

Telefon: +90 2122206966 Fax: +90 E-Mail: kuzey@segovin.com.tr Website: www.segovin.com.tr